Werker 7 — The Language of Revolution

Werker 7 — The Language of Revolution is meant to be read and discussed collectively. Display its pages on a wall at home, at school or on the floor of a public square… What is a revolutionary image? Which aesthetic elements are involved in the making of a revolution? Does revolution have a global language? What role does photography and the mass-media play in all this?

Werker 7 takes its title from ‘The Language of Revolution — Tidings from the East’, a 2011 lecture given by Ariella Azoulay, at the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona. Her analysis of Egypt’s revolution, through images from the internet, became the inspiration of this work. Highly recommended! www.macba.cat/es/ariella-azoulay

Wednesday 26 September, 7:30pm
Release event Werker 7 — The Language of Revolution
On view from 26 September until 18 November 2012
Espai Cultural Caja Madrid
Plaça Catalunya 9. Barcelona


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