Labarthe at the Filmotheque of Catalonia

As his fellows of the Nouvelle Vague, whom replaced the pen for the camera, André S. Labarthe did a double somersault from the critical platform Cahiers du Cinéma to the production and realization of filmed filmmakers’ portraits.

Director and producer of the legendary series Cinéastes de notre temps, Labarthe has set his attention on Ford, Hitchcock, Lang or Cukor, but also Godard, Antonioni, Cassavetes, Cronenberg or Scorsese, to work as a critic who uses the camera with filmmaker’s eyes. It is for this reason that his documentaries –of various formats and lengths– are particularly attractive, insightful and didactic.

Tireless, Labarthe will be four days at the Filmotheque of Catalonia in order to present some of his best works in sessions hundred percent cinephiles, where we could see cinema explained by its authors and contextualized by a man, filmmaker of all time, who has lived it closely and intensively.

Organized by CO producciones, Ninetofive and Filmotheque of Catalonia with the support of Institut Français Barcelona.

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